Ub Yifu moves to sculpture recreations – does Degas!

New SL sculptor Ub Yifu, who rose to prominence recreating classic RL paintings in the 3D evironment of Second Life, has moved to creating SL versions of classic RL sculptures. One of his first, his version of Degas’ “Tiny Dancer,” just was placed on display at Oyster Bay yesterday.

You are invited to view this incredible sculpture, which uses subtle flexi prims to bring the piece alive in the SL outdoors.

Enjoy this fine piece – a worthy lead-in to “Hidden Starax!”

Second Arts, Oyster Bay go high fashion

I’m going to try to make a mention of the new “stores” (such a cheap term for the content provided) joining us at Oyster Bay as they come aboard. In addition to Michelle Babii’s new photography mini-gallery, another notable newcomer is Jordan Morgenrote. A recent top graduate of the inworld master jeweler class (about 5 weeks of intensive study), Jordan chose to open her new store, Jordan’s, here at Oyster Bay.

Owner of the Artisan Galleria gallery in SL, Jordan has an artistic eye that translates into her jewelry creations. In a world of mega-bling, Jordan has carved a niche with her unique designs. That one-of-a-kind style is getting noticed – Second Style’s Fashionista blog picked up on Jordan’s from the recently-concluded master jeweler show and even spotlighted one of her necklaces (pictured) – which is available at her store at Oyster Bay! Way to go, Jordan!

Origin Rang photos by Michelle Babii

Origin 1 - by Michelle Bablii Origin Rang 1 Origin 3 - by Michelle Bablii Origin 5 - by Michelle Bablii Origin Rang 6 - by Michelle Bablii

Michelle prides herself on offering “raw” photos – not touched up with any extra graphics software like Photoshop or GIMP. Click on the thumbnails for fill-sized versions.

Nice work! Michelle also opened a mini-gallery at Oyster Bay – go check it out!

Origin Rang recital – 20 July 2007 recap (with help!)

Keeping in mind my “First Blush” comments, it’s difficult to do justice to last night’s performance by Origin Rang. I’ve had plenty of traffic on the blog looking for information on Origin, so I feel some pressure to write this quickly. At the same time, I am hamstrung by my lack of expertise in classical music.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll give the uneducated review – the discussion of the atmosphere of the event, the crowd reactions, etc. And I’ll leave it to someone with a little more formal music training to talk about the music itself.

Origin arrived about an hour early with his friend Crescent Rang, and we collectively struggled through our language gap (with Origin trying much harder than me!) to figure out the URL for his audio feed. We played around with a couple accompanying sculpture ideas, settling on elros Tuominen’s kinetic rose (the pic is of Origin checking out the rose) and Cheen Pitney’s rarely seen school of fish. Origin then retreated into his warmups while I sounded the call for the show one last time.

MUCH more on the show after the fold…

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Rezago Kokorin: Undersea Explorer!

Not everyone was at the Origin Rang show last night (but the music was streamed throughout the Oyster Bay property)…

Rezago Kokorin, co-architect of “The Abyss,” took his Beebe Bathysphere recreation down into the water at Oyster Bay, and look what he found at the sea floor!

Rezago - Underwater

What a great picture…let’s hope he made it out OK!

First blush: Tonight’s Origin Rang show

Oh my goodness…so many great things to say about tonight’s classical piano recital from Origin Rang. I’ll post a deeper recap in the next day or two, but let’s share in a picture:

Look at all the people who came to the show. We basically had the sim filled to the brim for the entire 90 minutes. And there was VERY good reason, as Origin was brilliant.

A full sim to hear world-class classical piano. Amazing. What a special, special evening.

More tomorrow…

HIDDEN STARAX! comes to Oyster Bay

Six-week rotating exhibit combines rare pieces with free versions of Starax classics


OYSTER – Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden, Market & Aquarium and the Crescent Moon Museum are pleased to announce their collaboration on a new rotating exhibit that celebrates the Second Life of the master of SL sculpture, Starax Statosky.

Starax Angel and Devil

“Hidden Starax!” will present over 20 rare Starax pieces over the course of 6 weeks, beginning on the evening of Wednesday, July 25. The pieces will rez on the main exhibit platform in the Oyster sim at Oyster Bay. Sculpture pieces will include Starax classics like Kong, Drowned, Achilles and David and Goliath. Due to high prim counts, only one or two pieces will be on display at a time. The pieces will rez on Wednesday and Sunday nights on the main platform.

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