Sasun’s March ’07 ArtTalk featured in SLArt Magazine

ArtWorld Market offers a condensed transcript of Sasun Steinbeck’s acclaimed Oyster Bay ArtTalk on 20 March 2007 as the cover feature of the Summer 2007 SLArt Magazine. What a wonderful surprise!

While it’s been a few months since the event (Ina Centaur’s photo from the ArtTalk above), the discussion outlined in the article rings true. The introduction of sculpted prims aside (and it is a VERY significant development that warrants further discussion elsewhere), Sasun’s comments that scripted artwork are the future of SL art remain true and likely will for the foreseeable future. It’s motion, texture, sound, immersiveness and interactivity that makes SL art so fascinating – and all of that is done through scripting. There will always be a place for great prim-based artwork (the popularity of the Hidden Starax! show is a fine example), but I’m seeing so much more innovation and growth in the script-based community.

Perusing the SLArt Magazine site, I can’t help but mention some other Oyster Bay-related articles, including the Spring 2007 cover story on Sabine Stonebender, ArtWorld’s interview with past Oyster Bay artisan Bathsheba Dorn and ArtWorld’s guided tour of the Second Life art world for a New York City audience (which included a trip to Oyster Bay to see one of the “14 Days, 14 Sculptures” Madcow Cosmos pieces).

Lastly, thanks to ArtWorld for mentioning Hidden Starax! on his website. It’s gratifying to see the SL art community appreciating the magnitude of this incredible, six-week show.

ArtWorld does a great job highlighting the best that Second Life-generated art has to offer. Anyone who enjoys Oyster Bay and the artistic style of our artisans will love SLArt Magazine.

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