TallGuy Kidd show recap

At long last, the TallGuy Kidd recap! Here are a few photos and comments on Wednesday night’s show:

The “have a friend write the recap” thing works so well that I asked the show promoter, Isolde Flamand, to briefly share her thoughts. Here’s what she had to say:

  • The music had something for everyone–some fast, some sad, some mellow, some funny.
  • TGK seemed to have as much fun as the audience, laughing and playing into the following hour.
  • It was the kind of evening that used to only happen on summer nights in the backyard, when out of town company shows up and brings a guitar, singing songs after a barbeque.
  • It had a kind of energy–seemed almost like we were participating in the concert, instead of just listening.

The thing that I noticed about TallGuy Kidd (besides the incredible number of women in the audience – guys, if you’re wondering where all the ladies in SL are, you’re clearly not at a TallGuy show), is his level of skill in performance.  He’s got a classic combination of clear, accessible lyrics and acoustic guitar prowess.

I listen to my share of real life singer songwriters like Shawn Mullins and David Baerwald, and TallGuy/Dale fits right into that mold. Yet TallGuy’s songs are perhaps a little more reflective than the two I mentioned. He has some incredibly heartfelt songs, such as “The Water is Wide” (which is written over a classic religious hymn), interspersed with the very funny “Yahoo! Song” and the kazoo-laden “Analog Guy in a Digital World.”

Like Mullins and Baerwald, TallGuy/Dale is a very strong performer who keeps his rock-solid fanbase happy while making a great first impression on TGK newbies. I think he made some new friends and fans on Wednesday night. Thanks to Isolde for putting the show together, and thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed!

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