31 July: Oyster Bay “CultureBeats” on Doubledown’s DeepSexyCool show

SL’s best DJ, Doubledown Tandino asked for some help putting together an art show for his weekly DeepSexyCool show at the Playboy sim a week from today, 31 July, from 6-10PM SLT.


Doubledown wanted primarily wall art (2D pieces), so I put out an all-hands request for submissions from the SL art community. In the process I found some TERRIFIC artists whose works will be on display during Doubledown’s show. It now looks like I’ll be able to include a few sculptures, so I’ll contact the Oyster Bay artisans as well as rez a few favorites from deep in my personal collection.

Should be a fun show, and Doubledown and I just figured out how to Skype-talk tonight (a side benefit of the SL grid being down is that learning improves immeasurably!)…so I’ll be live with DD throughout the evening explaining the pieces.

Off-site events like this are a GREAT way to spread the appreciation of art (and especially SL-created art!) through the SL population. Playboy runs a professional (and surprisingly restrained, at least against SL “mature” standards) sim, and Doubledown is as solid as they come. I’m honored to put Oyster Bay’s name on this sign.

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