HIDDEN STARAX! comes to Oyster Bay

Six-week rotating exhibit combines rare pieces with free versions of Starax classics


OYSTER – Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden, Market & Aquarium and the Crescent Moon Museum are pleased to announce their collaboration on a new rotating exhibit that celebrates the Second Life of the master of SL sculpture, Starax Statosky.

Starax Angel and Devil

“Hidden Starax!” will present over 20 rare Starax pieces over the course of 6 weeks, beginning on the evening of Wednesday, July 25. The pieces will rez on the main exhibit platform in the Oyster sim at Oyster Bay. Sculpture pieces will include Starax classics like Kong, Drowned, Achilles and David and Goliath. Due to high prim counts, only one or two pieces will be on display at a time. The pieces will rez on Wednesday and Sunday nights on the main platform.

The Crescent Moon Museum donated these Starax pieces to Oyster Bay because of our shared interest in bringing the finest Second Life art to SL’s residents,” said Tayzia Abbatoir, owner of Crescent Moon. “My Starax collection is an example of the creativity that is possible using Second Life as a medium. I’m excited that the world will have the opportunity to share in Starax’s work.”

The climax of “Hidden Starax!” will be an inworld Second Life Community Convention event from August 24-26. Three of Starax’s most lauded pieces will be on display at Oyster Bay. The SLCC event will also coincide with the launch of the new Summer/Fall show at Oyster Bay, meaning the entire venue will be refreshed with the latest examples of Second Life sculpture.

Also, the permanent Oyster Bay Starax exhibit in the adjoining Shepherd sim will feature free, copiable editions of Starax works like Samson, Nature and the Flyable Pegasus. These free pieces will also rotate throughout the life of the exhibit, and visitors will be encouraged to take copies for their private art collections.

Making the free Starax pieces easily accessible to the public is a passion of Tayzia and mine,” added Morris Vig, Oyster Bay owner. “Like any collectible market, the market for Starax brings out the unscrupulous element. I personally was taken on a Starax piece when I started collecting his work and did not know the pieces were free. Offering these pieces to the public is our way of helping make sure that never happens again.”

Lastly, other events aligned with the Starax theme are being planned. Information on those events will follow.

Starax Statosky is recognized in SL art circles as one of the finest artisans that Second Life has seen. His works, always done with a level of precision in prim construction that few can match, vary in theme between whimsy and classical design. His legacy is secure as his pieces grace the grounds of many of SL’s finest venues. Starax left Second Life in mid-2006, and speculation is rampant as to whether he will return (or perhaps HAS returned in “alt” form?).

The Crescent Moon Museum is the Oldest Art Museum in Second Life. It is host to hundreds of pieces of original art created by SL residents. The exhibits change bi-weekly. The collection includes over 35 Starax pieces (many on loan to Oyster Bay for “Hidden Starax”), the RC jewelry collection, and art created from many other amazing SL and RL artists.

Opened in January 2007, Oyster Bay focuses its effort as a cultural space that focuses nearly exclusively on artwork generated using Second Life as the medium – sculpture and SL photography. Through the signature sculpture garden and the new Second Arts Photography gallery, as well as its artistic market stores (often mini-galleries to themselves), Oyster Bay has cemented itself as one of Second Life’s top places to view and purchase art. It was voted the second most popular cultural venue in Second Life in the 2007 Corsa Guide competition.

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  1. Wow!
    This are really exciting news – wonderful you took the initiative to set a MEGA event like this – and to share Starax free works with the one who really cares!

  2. I’ve put it on BlogHUD: http://bloghud.com/id/11676/ 🙂

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