The Aliens! are back – as Greenies!

Back in late Febuary/early March, I was fortunate enough to grab a big new parcel of land on the water in Shepherd. Not knowing what to do with it immediately (such is the way of land purchasing in the SL mainland – buy now, think later), I figured that the best short-term solution while I thought over potential uses would be to hold a brief, special exhibit featuring a collection called “Aliens!” by the enigmatic SL artist called Light Waves.

Light Waves created a series of 12 little green aliens and put them in situations where they were adapting to life on earth. These pieces were available in art circles for free, as Light Waves apparently did not have interest in anyone profiting from the works. I had put some of the pieces out, one by one, when space permitted. As I acquired other parcels, I occasionally placed an Aliens! series piece in the midst of a forest prim farm as a surprise for the entrepreneurial SL explorer. In my opinion, these works represented some of the very best that SL sculpture art can offer – combining a clear theme with technical brilliance. Never mind that they are hysterical!

When the time came to do a special show, I instant messaged Light Waves (whom I have never met “face to face” – his avatar is apparently a beam of light, hence the quotes) and asked if it would be OK to show his Aliens! series. Not only did he approve, he sent me a fresh set of the little green characters. I think I set about 8 of the 12 out…Oyster and Shepherd are PG sims, and a couple of the pieces deal with more adult themes. Knowing that I got the pieces for free and wanting to continue Light Waves’ commitment to free, top quality art for the masses, I also received his approval to package all 12 pieces for free distribution during the exhibit.

The two-week (?) show was a wild success, with the Aliens! taking over the Oyster Bay waterfront and attracting all sorts of passers-by. Over 150 sets of the 12 Aliens! characters were distributed for free. Even Torley Linden posted a snapshot from the show at Snapzilla. From his comment, he may have been one of the 150 lucky folks! Here’s his pic – look at the song that’s playing on the iPod:

Step up to the present day and see what’s become of the Aliens! after the fold!

As best I understand, Light Waves has hooked up with some people who rightfully recognized the brilliance of Light Waves’ work. Repackaged as “Greenies,” the Aliens! series now has an entire sim of its own…with a couple new pieces since Light Waves dropped February’s dozen on me. Light Waves’ teammates created an oversized house and inserted the Greenies in all sorts of fun positions. It’s a joy to explore this world, which gives new meaning to the term “little people”. (It’s scaled so that SL avatars are roughly the height of the Greenies – making us small figures in a VERY large world!)

To say that this is popular is an understatement. As I type, just over 200 snapshots from the Greenies sim have been posted on Snapzilla. And the blogs love it too (see here, here, here and here for examples…this one offers an interesting hypothesis…).

I explored the sim with my friend Isolde, and we grabbed a couple snapshots that I’ll share with you:

We’re just all little people in a big, big world…

Me trying out an interactive toy, the sim’s hamster ball!

Isolde took a swing at the hamster ball too, and I turned it into my first machinima, a 10-second epic. Check out the YouTube link here.

And what would a sim be without a gift shop? The Greenies have that too, in their mother ship:

It’s great to see the Aliens! back, and I’m thrilled that Light Waves is getting the acclaim that he deserves. If anyone wants a copy of the free, 12-piece set that Light Waves gave me, just let me know!

5 Responses

  1. Yes, I’ve been to the region, it’s amazing! And I was one of the lucky 150 to take the whole set during the Oyster exhibition πŸ™‚
    I noticed how Sculpties are also well-used in the newer pieces, such as the Greenies in the sugar. Very well done.
    And one thing I found hilarious, the journal laying in the house. Day 1: I noticed something green in the cupboard, I must be going mad! Day 2: All seems normal now. And then a Greenie with a pen drawing another Greenie right over Day 2. πŸ˜€

  2. I’ve been trying on and off for about 3 days to get in to the Greenies sim but fail each time. Is it restricted access?

  3. Corwin, as best I know, the Greenies sim is open to the public. It is a very busy sim – there’s a possibility that the sim may be full when you’ve tried to visit. Try at a low-traffic time of day and see what happens. Good luck to you – it’s a fun exhibit!

  4. Thx Morris, finally got in my tp’ing to the mainland first. And it is a great exhibit! πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for visiting!

    Greenies Grand Opening 02 Aug 1700 SLT–featuring an amazing new sculptie prim art piece–THE GREATEST THING EVER REZZED!!!

    We are opening sim access up a lot more now, so hopefully everyone can get it when they want!

    Also…please post good Greenies photos to Flickr group:

    Live Green and Prosper

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