New masthead

It’s been a month, and Oyster Bay has been rebuilt since the last masthead was created. So I’ve retired the June/July edition with Sandhya2 Patel’s blue butterfly faeries (still one of my favorite collections at Oyster Bay on an emotional level) and created a new masthead.

This month, the masthead features a closeup of one of Baba Bu’s gently swirling water pieces. He’s got a couple pieces right on the water, catching the light from the sky and the reflection from the water. They’re lovingly textured and, when you stop to look at them, are just wonderful to watch move in the Oyster wind.  (And they’re really not expensive…they would brighten up any waterfront, be it an oceanview or a pond!)  For a little extra pizazz, I indulged my inner Torley and flipped the RenderGlow on to light the piece up. I hope you like it…if you don’t, it’ll only be a month.

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