A Second Life success story: Nyla Cheeky

I’m not sure why Nyla and I met each other – I think it was from our mutual love of SL sculpture (and, in particular, the works of SL sculpture legend Starax Statosky). She told me that she was a designer of high fashion womens wear from Vancouver, Canada, and she showed me a few of her outfits. It was pretty clear that she wasn’t selling the standard SL women’s clothing styles of grunge or princesswear. She had a style and flair all her own as is clear on her website, House of Nyla.

Nyla takes the notion of Real Life-Second Life transfer to the next level. She creates SL replicas of her dresses – dresses that cost hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars. Not only does she draw income from this work, she uses Second Life to determine the popularity of styles and concepts. She has a committed customer (read: fan) base that offers feedback and suggestions. (And I think she draws inspiration from the creative environment of SL, too!)

With a few bucks and a lot of faith in herself, Nyla set about turning the SL fashion world on fire. She quickly went from a small rented space to a larger one, and now to a massive store covering 1/4 of the Starax sim, her inworld boutique for fashions from House of Nyla. Here’s a photo of the two of us from her Starax boutique grand opening (I was in my unfortunate bleach blonde phase…sigh.)…check out the combination of SL and RL photography on the walls:

Nyla Cheeky 2

Read on after the fold for the more serious moral to the story…

I went a little harsh in my assessment of the fundamentals of Second Life in yesterday’s post, “Not Ready for Prime Time.” I’ll stand behind everything I said; I remain DEEPLY concerned about the state of Second Life and its fundamentals – and whether it can withstand the looming onslaught of big media companies and their virtual world competitors (like this one and this one, not to mention this one that we knew about for a while).

Now, look at this video that Canadian television did on Nyla. Don’t continue until you’ve watched it.

Done? OK, continue on…

Nyla’s work stands as the reason WHY Second Life should succeed. She is a creative mind. She is entrepreneurial. She leveraged Second Life to improve her economic status in a creative industry. In this virtual world, which supposedly is about celebrating creativity with an economic foundation, is there a better example?

One last thing: Nyla is a total sweetheart. As busy as she is, she finds times to nurture the friendships that are the cement of SL. Here’s a great example of that – the two of us sitting under her Starax “Samson” sculpture in the days leading up to the opening of her boutique:

Nyla Cheeky 1

Congratulations, Nyla! All success that comes your way is richly deserved.

2 Responses

  1. Morris thanks for including this Fashionista in your coverage of great artists in SL. .NYLA’s designs and creativity in SL did catch my eye …which is saying something cuz i dont care that much about fashion. I have maxed out my 25 groups, most of which are art groups or friends….but def have Nylas group in there to stay on top of her next creation!

  2. […] I posted this, I discovered a few more blogs have covered Nyla; so jump here and here to read their quite complimentary articles.  The first one also links to three videos where Nyla […]

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