MoShang Zhao recap and photos

As promised, MoShang’s show offered some fantastic Chinese Chill for the crowd at Oyster Bay last night.

Playing straight from Taiwan on a wind MIDI device (sorry, exact name escapes me).  This was a fascinating instrument, as he was able to take what was described as a saxophone/clarinet-style instrument and make countless sounds through the software enhancements of the instrument.

MoShang also has a couple CD’s on sale (look for the music store tab on the left), “Chill Dynasty” and “Made in Taiwan.”  I’m excited that a couple people bought CD’s at the show through his in-world kiosk – and others checked out his website for his free MP3’s.

His live performance is a fascinating mix of pre-recorded backing track and live instrumental overlay.  I’m presuming that he removed the instrument element from the backing track because the sound was so fresh when playing.  At th e same time, it was so seamless that a couple people asked if it really was a live performance!

On a related note – MoShang does a really good job interacting with the audience.  If someone tossed out a question during the show, he did not hesitate to put his instrument down long enough to answer it.  This approach – interrupting his playing to interact – is reminiscent of lounge acts who make a concerted effort to connect with the people they’re playing for.

Now onto the photos!  Let me offer up some thanks to Isolde Flamand, who facilitated making the event happen (click here for her story of how that happened, as well as a couple photos).  Isolde had the RenderGlow filter on all evening long, and she took some incredible shots, like this one:

There’s a whole lot more after the fold…

From a visual perspective, it was the story of 2 concerts.  The default view for the event was the middle of the day, which made for some great shots that took in the sculpture garden environment of Oyster Bay.  (Note that DJ Doubledown Tandino is right up front; DD had MoShang on his DeepSexyCool show at the Playboy sim a couple weeks back and the two are buds.)

The amateur builder in me was excited for this event as it was the first to use the new multipurpose space in the middle of the rebuild Oyster Bay sculpture garden.  Here’s a look at the setup:

I was pleased to see that some guests were sitting on sculpture platform walls and enjoying the music.  Others toured the sculpture garden at the same time as the show (the show was broadcast throughout Oyster Bay).  I think some mermaids were hanging down in the aquarium as well, but I didn’t go down to check.  It was an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere.

About halfway through or so, someone (I believe Isolde) suggested that people turn their viewers to midnight for a different look.  What a great effect!

Then, to make it better, Sabine Stonebender fired up her Tesla Ball-Traveler, which makes an incredible glow when activated.  You can see the purple glow on the photo above, but check these out (and notice the 3 glowing Tesla balls in the background – they’re emitting the glow)…

Here’s Isolde’s shot of the blue glow of the Tesla balls – with RenderGlow on:

Lastly, we had a surprise guest toward the end of the evening, Komuso Tokugawa!  Komuso’s been out and about a lot recently, checking out the SL music scene.   I’ve seen him at a Louis Volare piano show and now at a MoShang show.  It’s great to see performers getting out and supporting their scene!

All in all, a great evening with fantastic music.  Thanks to MoShang for coming to Oyster Bay!  I hope to have him back!

3 Responses

  1. Ohh, great photos!
    I agree MoShang does a great job interacting with the audience. Not only that, he really keeps up the tempo all concert long.
    Also I must say I liked the floating lights over the stage as well as the light beams. Often when you look straight down into a lamp in SL, the light beam disappears. It’s this kind of detail that makes a build really good.

  2. MoShang had an incredible sound that harmonized well with the ambience at Oyster Bay. Thanks to Morris and Isolde for this little slice of SL happiness…

  3. […] is good news in this case. Had a really nice performance at Oyster Bay in SL today. Proprietor, Morris Vig, has created a really cool performance space amidst some very interesting SL sculptures. My thanks […]

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