LIVE: Origin Rang at Oyster Bay on Friday, July 20

Hot on the heels of tonight’s successful MoShang Zhao show at Oyster Bay (pictures coming tomorrow…), I am excited to announce our next performer, Origin Rang!

A resident of Tokyo, Origin is a classically-trained pianist of impressive quality – and I recently learned that he’s been playing for over 30 years. It shows. I bumped into one of his earliest shows in-world and was blown away at the caliber of his performance. I only hoped that one day he would play Oyster Bay.
Within the last couple weeks, Origin and a friend stopped in and visited Oyster Bay – most likely exploring, like most SL’ers do. We exchanged pleasantries, then SL friendships and then discussed the possibility of his playing at Oyster Bay. Now it’s going to happen!

The mix of visual and audio arts goes back to the beginning of Oyster Bay. We’ve had DJ’s like Doubledown Tandino, Kaj and Dena Dana, ambient performers like AldoManutio Abruzzo and MoShang Zhao, and guitar-oriented performers like Spaceman Opus, Smily Raymaker, Fabrice Crosby and Komuso Tokugawa. To be able to add the “fine arts” to the list, with a talent like Origin Rang, is a real treat.

Origin will be playing at Oyster Bay on Friday, 20 July at 7:00PM SLT. Mark your calendars – I hope you will join us!

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