At long last, the Black Tie and Blues photos!

First, props to Kronos Kirkorian and Isolde Flamand, who have some great shots on their own. Everyone should go take a look.

As for my photos, take a look in “Moresville….”

Doubledown Tandino opened the evening with an hour of fantastic smooth jazz and house beats. For my money, there is no better DJ in SL. (photo by Isolde Flamand)

Doubledown - Black Tie and Blues

The crowd really started gathering around 5:45PM SLT to see Kronos’ new machinima. You know, to be fashionably late!

Wide shot of the crowd

Way Overhead

I then welcomed everyone and introduced Kronos. (Note that Craig Altman of Bits & Bobs gave me two special “public speaking pose animations for the night. Class act, that Altman…and GREAT animator!) (photo by Isolde Flamand)

Morris introducing Kronos

Kronos offered his perspectives on machinima and talked about the Oyster Bay version, answering a few questions along the way. (photo by Isolde Flamand)

Kronos speaking

Then, the machinima! It was so popular that we had to run it twice! (photo not taken at the premiere – this is just a graphic of the title screen)

Machinima title slide

After the machinima ended, soundtrack artist Komuso Tokugawa took the stage!

Komuso on stage

Like all Komuso shows,  the Sensei of SL blues had the sim full (overflowing, as people were standing at the sim border waiting to get in…) the crowd hopping to his boogie blues.

Komuso on stage2

And the Oyster Bay A-List was out in force, with uber-builder and sculptor Breeze Winnfield jamming to Komuso’s blues riffs with a friend…

Breeze and friend dancing

Center for Water Studies owner and environmental stewardess Delia Lake paused from her work at Better World Island to join in the fun for the evening…

Delia Lake Dancing

Oyster Bay sculptor and Academy of Second Life instructor Sunn Thunders (left) and Oyster Bay photographer Isolde Flamand (silver dress, right) cut up the rug…

Isolde & Sunn

Avatar Morphs show star Finny Yates (right) and friend grabbed a place up close to the stage to dance…

Finny Yates dancing

Oyster Bay’s favorite furry, Sabine Stonebender, shows off her version of “Black Tie” (but she certainly had a tail!).  [By the way, Sabine’s new piece on display at Oyster Bay is absolutely inspired.  I hope everyone reading this stops by and checks it out…] 

Sabine dancing

Not everyone was dancing, though – but still came to enjoy the music and machinima.  PleaseWakeMeUp Idler, perhaps borrowing an outfit from his friend Seeker Gray, assumes Seeker’s classic pose – all by himself…waiting for a partner to come along…

Wake sitting

Even that Vig character (right, flailing his arms like a madman) hopped down from the podium and grooved the night away.

Morris & crowd

Lest you think he missed it, the Man of the Hour, Kronos Kirkorian, switched into something more comfortable and strut his stuff as well! (photo by Isolde Flamand)

Kronos dancing

An old sim like Oyster can only hold 40 people at a time, but that still made for a great crowd!


And the crowd danced the night away under the open skies of Second Life, celebrating an impressive display of art and culture by the artisans, performers and movie-makers associated with this very special place.

Red carpet

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!  I sure did!

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