At long last, the Black Tie and Blues photos!

First, props to Kronos Kirkorian and Isolde Flamand, who have some great shots on their own. Everyone should go take a look.

As for my photos, take a look in “Moresville….”
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YOU wanna talk to ME?

Thanks to Pamala Clift for reminding me…

It appears that Linden Lab has enabled the Oyster sim (and I believe Shepherd too) for voice per the Second Life First Look: Voice viewer interface.

Pamala (not the “oh so attractive” avi to the right, thankfully) and I had a rollicking conversation as we tried to make our live dialogue interface with a non-voice user. Sadly, she was laughing so hard that she had to keep turning her voice client off. Such is the life of hanging in the mirth of Oyster Bay!

For those who have not tried voice out, it’s a bit of a challenge at first – and some systems just can’t handle it. It’s a whole different world of SL… one that will clearly sort itself out as the days move ahead.