Report on Second Live love (No, not “Why we love SL…”)

Perhaps one of the most interesting people I have come across in SL is Pamala Clift, a self-described “roadside philosopher” who has taken to investigating the world of SL relationships in-depth.  Her initial findings on the world of love in SL is right here.

To summarize quickly, Pamala came to the following conclusions:

In talking with all the relationships that have lasted these are the things that seem to work, and some items just so happen to have great bearings also on RL relationships.

Communication: How you feel must be honest. The more things that you can find in common that u enjoy talking about the better the relationship. The more common goals that you can share and work toward the more complete things will feel and the relationship can grow.

Respect of RL’s trump cards: Knowing that RL will still take precedence and not putting guilt trips on the partner for having to comply with the realities of RL. This also has to include a talk and understanding of how and what would happen if the dissolution of the partnership becomes necessary.

Breaking the sameness rule: Doing the same thing over and over is just as boring in SL as it is in RL. No matter how much u enjoy each other’s company typing the same thing or doing the same thing can tax any relationship…especially since time moves so much faster in SL.

Don’t have your Sl relationship compensate for anything lacking in RL. It won’t work! It can add to your enjoyment of life, but can not and should not replace RL.

Once you cross the line of SL into RL well then, real life rules enter in. Volumes of material has been written to try an analysis what works and what doesn’t in real. I will not venture into that arena. So since it is so hard to develop true love in real and not that hard to do in SL, my advice would be to stay happily in SL and try not to make the cross over. The song that says: What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico would definitely apply to SL. 

She also reports that men appear to fall in love faster in SL than women, offering a couple rationales why as well.  I’ll let you read the report for yourselves; it sure is fascinating.

2 Responses

  1. OH MY GOSH.. I got coverage…blush! Thanks Morris for your encouragement and comments. You sure are a cutie. Waiting for my lobster boat ride..and all the wonderful changes you are doing on Oyster Bay. Man do u have energy!

    Hey wait?? What does “Perhaps one of the most interesting people” mean? Ah, that can be taken several ways!

    Might have to “CHAT with u about that..giggle.” Hey didn’t see u say that voice is enabled on OYSTER BAY. Everyone come talk about the art.. HOW fun!

  2. Pamala’s views on SL Relationships is a work in progress, but a very nice, insightful read, even if you don’t want parts of it to be true. She is also a very nice dancer, conversationists, and tour companion,… among other skills. :o)

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