Black Tie and Blues photos

Black Tie - words

Look for photos next week – I will be out of town for a wedding until late-ish Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves!  What a wonderful experience – Doubledown Tandino, Kronos Kirkorian’s machinima and Komuso Tokugawa…..all amazing artists in their own right!

The Nicholaz SL viewer

Lordfly Digeridoo tells the story better than I, but I’ll add that I’ve been using the Nicholaz open source SL viewer for about a week and it has not hurt my viewing experience in the least. So this might be worth investigating, if you haven’t tried it already….

[UPDATE 27 JUNE 2007: The newest revision of the standard SL viewer (1.17.2) appears to have integrated Nicholaz’ fixes. No need to use this viewer any more, I would guess.]

[UPDATE 28 JUNE 2007: Nicholaz himself set me straight. Keep using his viewer!]

Web links to the Oyster Bay machinima

You can see Kronos Kirkorian’s new machinima, “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay,” at these locations (in personal order of preference for picture quality):

Landmarks for tonight’s premiere

Black Tie and Blues 2

If you’re coming for the Black Tie and Blues premiere tonight, come EARLY!  There will be a lot of people at Oyster Bay for the big party.

Here’s the landmark for Oyster Bay – teleport in at any time!

I’m guessing that Oyster Bay will be a full house tonight, so we’re lucky to have a property that crosses a sim border.  If you can’t get into Oyster, might I suggest you TP into Oyster Bay Market?  The music will be on for both the gallery and the Market, and guests at the market will have line of sight to the screen and stage.

See you tonight!