Explosive art gallery growth in Second Life

To anyone who says that Second Life has gone corporate, dream on.  I present you this, courtesy of Art Gallery Group owner/manager/guru (and Oyster Bay artisan) Sasun Steinbeck.  Through her innovative networked kiosk and HUD, she’s been able to track the stunning growth of galleries in Second Life over just the past year.

Art Gallery Growth

The creativity is there, folks.  You just have to look for it.  Stop by an art gallery, click on Sasun’s kiosk, and welcome yourself into the amazing world of Second Life art.

Close Up: The Nuance of Second Life

Close Up - small

Oyster Bay is pleased to invite you to explore “Close Up: The Nuance of Second Life”.  This new show by Isolde Flamand of Elegant Images Photography explores the feeling, emotion and even mirth of our Second Life avatars.

It’s a fresh look at Second Life photography.  Please come and enjoy!