Black Tie and Blues: Our machinima release event

Black Tie and Blues


Celebrating the premiere of the new Oyster Bay machinima by Kronos Kirkorian


Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium, Oyster (

Overflow teleport location: Oyster Bay Market (adjacent property), Shepherd (

Thursday, 21 June 2007

6:30PM SLT – Introduction to “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay” by Kronos Kirkorian and in-world, streamed premiere

7:00PM SLT – Komuso Tokugawa concert – An hour of boogie blues live from Tokyo, Japan


SECOND LIFE – Oyster Bay (a unique sculpture garden, aquarium and cultural market center with a footprint covering nearly one-half of a sim in Second Life) will roll out the red carpetfor the forthcoming premiere of a brand-new machinima by noted Second Life machinima artist Kronos Kirkorian. This short film (running time 4:30), “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay,” focusses Kronos’ professional cinematic eye on over 20 of the unique Second Life sculpture pieces that are part of the Oyster Bay spring show.

Kronos will offer a brief introduction of SL machinima for the attendees. The premiere then will be streamed in-world for everyone’s enjoyment. The presentation will be followed by an hour of boogie blues by SL musician and machinima soundtrack artist Komuso Tokugawa. Komuso switches formats for the movie, drawing from his eastern-oriented ambient music skills to provide a tranquil score reflective of the beauty of the Oyster Bay artisans’ collection.

“The Oyster Bay artisan community is understandably proud of its diverse, high-quality collection in the spring show,” said Morris Vig, Oyster Bay owner. “Kronos’ surprise machinima capturing the wonder and creativity of the show is a clear indication that we really do have something special here. Then, to have Komuso on the soundtrack – we have the perfect combination of cinema, sculpture and music. I couldn’t be more thrilled and look forward to sharing this work with Second Life on Thursday!”

After its in-world premiere, “Spring 2007 @ Oyster Bay” will be posted online at a number of internet video hosts including and YouTube. There will be no charge to view the machinima either in-world or online.

Kronos and Komuso are reunited in machinima as they worked together on a prior project. Kronos filmed Komuso’s December 2006 Second Life Blues n’ Roots Festival. The machinima, “Harpin’ Bitchin’ Metaverse Machinima Blues,” can be viewed at


Sculptures in order of appearance (Artist in parentheses)

1. Takeoff – Winged Unicorn in Rubber (Cheen Pitney)

2. Morpheus (MoXy Viera)

3. EAGLE IN FLIGHT (Cheen Pitney)

4. Wind Delights (Pakito Kawaguichi)

5. Light Mill (Pakito Kawaguichi)

6. Dragon Rage (Madcow Cosmos)

7. Amazing Reality (Gracie Kendal)

8. Guarded Secret (Sunn Thunders)

9. Blue Butterfly Beating Heart – Set of 3 (Sandhya2 Patel)

10. Growth Beams (Juria Yoshikawa)

11. ORGANIC (Cheen Pitney)

12. Flying Jellyfish Tentacle (Baba Bu)

13. Triple Hunting Tentacles (Baba Bu)

14. Morphing Sculpture (Sasun Steinbeck)

15. Jumping Dolphin (Kaikou Splash)

16. Twirlin Tesseract (Jesz Murakami)

17. Liminal 2 – St. Vitus Dance (PleaseWakeMeUp Idler)

18. Desire (Breeze Winnfield)

19. 666 Robotic Art (2 pieces) (Loki Mahana)

20. Prometheus (Elsewhere Essex)

21. Tori – moments of clarity (Sabine Stonebender)

22. sc moving sculpture blue/orange (Manfred Pessoa)

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