Love for the Lindens

Yes, the cynical owner of property spanning two laggy old mainland sims is gonna spoon up a heaping dose of admiration and thanks upon the Linden Lab customer service team.

Over the past couple days, the Shepherd sim performance has been downright abysmal. Server performance has been SO BAD that avatars can barely move. I think “molasses” is the right imagery here. Never mind trying to rez anything – and, by all means, don’t try to switch clothing. You MIGHT be able to detach your old prim hair, but there’s no way that the new set will appear. Yeah, the performance was that bad.

We property owners have been trying to take care of the problem on our own as this really has been a lingering issue for some time. A few weeks back, some no-gooder (moron?) planted a “nuke” – a mega-laggy, particle and sound-emitting object shaped like a nuclear missle – 750m above the Industrielle property immediately adjacent to Oyster Bay. It was only dumb luck that I had a skybox at that altitude and heard the nuke. But the lesson was profound; Linden Lab had shut down Live Help, the in-world liaison service feature available to all residents of SL. We were on our own. So we circulated word amongst the property owners of this “nuking” and asked all of them to take stronger measures to control the creation of unauthorized objects on their properties. Nearly everyone complied, which makes sense as we all share the same server and our actions directly affect our neighbors when it comes to sim performance.

…which brings us to the past couple days….

Apparently the particles were a-flying over the last couple days in Shepherd, and the sim again slowed to a crawl. This time, having taken all the steps we could on our own, it was time to call in the big guns at Linden Lab. Luckily, the new support portal came online in the interim.

And I was MIGHTY impressed by the Linden response to the problem in Shepherd. Teeple Linden first came out, did some initial cleanup after flying around the sim.  He was dissatisfied with the sim performance results…so he rebooted the sim. The reboot took an abnormally long time, so I used the SL customer service portal again.  I reached Maurice Linden, who continued the cleanup and confirmed both that the sim performance was tolerable and that a couple suspect objects were not lag bombs like we residents thought. Lastly, the sim crashed later on – so a call to Linden Lab’s concierge line (Maurice earlier confirmed that I was eligible for the Linden bat-phone!) hooked me up with Guy Linden, who monitored the sim and shot me an IM after an hour telling me that Shepherd was holding in there…performing as well as any average sim.  It’s old mainland, not some fancy class 5 server – I can’t ask for any more than what they did!

Linden Lab has been the subject of significant criticism, some of which might be deserved.  Heck, even I’ve tossed in my own snarky comments in conversations with friends.  Now, though, my opinion has significantly changed – at least with regards to the customer service team at LL.  I give them credit for not just changing their program of work on customer service – but for coming up with what sure looks like a  qualitative improvement.

Kudos, Linden Lab.  And thanks to your persistent, LISTENING customer service team for doing what it takes to get the problem solved.  We’re noticing.