2 prims helped make a difference

Multicolor TwistAs those who’ve visited Oyster Bay and paid REAL CLOSE attention know, I have tried my hand at a little SL sculpture. I am by no means an expert, but I do a fair bit of building in Second Life. The concepts of building and sculpting are largely the same; both generally manipulate prims to achieve the desired physical form. Builders look for concrete applications of the manipulation, and artisans look for more abstract outcomes.

Pictured at the top of this post is my second piece, one called Multicolor Twist. (Note the ingenuity in naming!) The piece is quite simple – only 3 prims, including the black base – and was designed to test a few design concepts. This piece looked at symmetry, with 2 identical components placed diametrically opposite to each other. The “twist” gives a braid or bow look. But what really excites me most about this piece is the textures. Working with an abstract, pointillist (is that an appropriate artistic term?) texture, I stretched the dots almost beyond recognition. Then, working with the “shininess” feature and the “bumpiness” feature, I added extra elements that made the reflection of the sun on the piece all the more attractive.

All that froo-froo art stuff aside, it’s actually a failed attempt to texture an oil slick. No kidding. But the alternative didn’t look bad. And it’s been a surprisingly popular piece at Oyster Bay, seeing at it’s nestled amongst pieces by some of SL’s best artists.

A couple friends, Jordan Morgenrote and (Oyster Bay artisan and store owner) Gracie Kendal of the Artisan Galleria Towers in Bellatrix asked for a donation of my piece to last Sunday’s “Art in the Garden” gala for the benefit of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. They lost a close friend, SL avi Sterling Hawks, to MD recently, and this was their way of trying to take a devastating personal blow and turn it into something positive. I gladly agreed after making sure that they were serious in wanting my silly little piece – as opposed to some from more legitimate SL artists.

The Gala was a rousing success, with over 81 attendees in the first hour alone. Combining an art fair in their new sculpture garden with an auction of two unique items and music (including my bud DJ Doubledown Tandino, who donated my DJ tip to MDA as well – class act, that DD…) throughout the day, the event apparently raised over L$200,000 for the MDA. At L$265 per US$1, that makes just over US$750 for the charity. Hats off to Jordan, Gracie and their team for such a productive dedication of time and energy to this cause, one that clearly means so much to them.

As for my little Multicolor Twist? First, I found out that I donated a flawed copy – without the black base! (Anyone who reads this and bought the piece can IM me; I’ll glady swap it out for the 3 prim piece with the base.) But that didn’t seem to stop people…Jordan tells me it was the second highest selling piece at the event. Just goes to show you….ANYONE can hit the jackpot and create something appealing on occasion.  Better yet, you may actually be able to do some good with your inspiration!

Quick video intro to Second Life

Giff Constable of the Electric Sheep Company offers a 2 1/2 minute video overview of Second Life – something you could show your unenlightened family members.  They actually might get what this virtual world thing is all about!