DJ Doubledown Tandino: Living the Dream!

Following RikRiel’s lead, allow me to present to you one of my fine SL buds:

DJ Doubledown Tandino in studio

DD, as SL’ers tend to call him, is actually Brad Reason, a professional DJ out of Baltimore, Maryland (USA).  You may have seen his blog listed in my blogroll – if not, it’s a great read as DD spends a ton of time following the SL music scene which he influences so much.

Yesterday, DD  announced that he was taking the plunge – he’s dropping his “real life” work entirely and is going to make a living in SL exclusively.  It’s a brave move indeed….but few SL’ers are better equipped to make the jump than DD.  He is one of SL’s most talented DJ’s, playing his unique funky house beats to audiences all over the grid.  His promotion to play ANY art gallery opening for free has endeared him to SL’s large artist community; he is the DJ of choice in the art world!

For those who are interested in DD’s many, MANY capabilities, take a look after the fold.  Best of luck, DD!  You’re living the dream of many a SL resident!

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