Avatar Morphs Open House

Oyster Bay hosted an open house for Finny Yates’ Avatar Morphs show on Tuesday, May 29.  As this was our first open house for a non-sculpture exhibition, we had no idea what to expect – and were PLEASANTLY amazed at the crowd that attended!  Over the two hour event, roughly 50 people came by to check out the exhibit, meet their friends, explore Oyster Bay and hang out with the lady of honor – Finny!

Finny asked that I DJ the event, telling me that she was into the Talking Heads.  Working off that as a starting point, I put together perhaps my most eclectic mix of dance and party music ever.  It seems like people enjoyed themslves, as witnessed from the photos below:


The enclosed space of Finny’s temporary room was perfect for this event.  It was intimate…and everyone was surrounded by Finny’s art!



Magic is the girlfriend of Max, one of Finny’s subjects for an avatar morph – and she’s a friend of Finny’s.   Magic is standing in front of the morph texture of her hunny…


Clearly, Magic liked the work as she and Finny danced the night away with the rest of the folks!

Finny - Party5

As I left the party at 8PM SLT, it was still raging along….so I left the music feed programmed for a couple more hours of great music.


The reception to Finny’s work was unanimously positive.  Her approach to using Second Life imagery as the basic for her artistic morph textures was very well received …. in fact, a SL furniture company already bought some textures for their upholstery needs!

A terrific night, a great event and a LOT of great artwork enjoyed by friends old and new!  Congratulations, Finny!

What is this?

New OB gallery build

Only time will tell….

Genius in blogging

Ordinal Malaprop, an SL steampunker, consistently writes one of the best blogs about Second Life around. I always enjoy reading about her travels and works in the grid.

Today’s post, a response to Linden Lab’s apparent crackdown on all forms of behavior that could result in problems for Mr. Rosedale and Co., is just inspired.

A must-read for all who are interested in Second Life.