Snapshots from Finny Yates’ Avatar Morphs show

Finny’s show is in high gear, and Jordan Morgenrote was kind enough to take some snapshots of Finny’s incredible display.

This first shot is a great illustration of how Finny took the wide open space of Oyster Bay and built a beautiful display room within the gallery.  What the picture doesn’t show is how Finny made the exteriors of the room transparent – so visitors don’t get the sense of the display until they are in the middle of the room:


This next piece shows a couple steps in the process that Finny uses when making the avatar morph textures.  The stylized photos like that seen below are excellent pieces in their own right!


Space constraints forced Finny to think creatively, using the floating, rotating, multi-sided displays to VERY good effect:


All of the morphs, as you know, are based upon Second Life photo portraits taken by Finny.  A late addition to the show was the collection of Madcow Cosmos morphs, which reveal some fascinating results.  Make sure to move your camera up to the rotating displays to see them!