Live-blogging: Origin Rang, classical pianist

I’m standing in an SL field watching an avi playing piano. I was drawn to the concert by this:

I perform the classc and something piano live.

This is the trial for me in second life.

I can not speak English good at all.

However, I think that music is common to the world.

Please come to hear my live by all means.

I hope that visited People get the new friend.

From Origin [Rang].

I’ve never heard of Origin Rang. Origin is apparently Japanese, if I make the correct inferences from his profile. He’s been in SL for exactly 1 month.

I can tell you, though, that Origin is one of the finest classical pianists that I’ve ever heard — SL or RL. And I never would have heard this had it not been for Second Life. I am constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of artistic capacity in Second Life…be it through image or sound.

What a gift, what an amazing gift. I’m so lucky that I dropped in. WOW.