Seeker Gray on elros’ Tubular Gallery

Seeker Gray (pictured) discovered elros Tuominen through elros’ display at Oyster Bay and offers this wonderful review of elros’ Tubular Gallery. Besides an opportunity to praise one of Second Life’s top bloggers and link to his site, this entry is notable to Oyster Bay and me for three reasons:

First, elros is one of our amazing group of artists whose work fills the Oyster Bay sculpture gallery space. Touching on Seeker’s theme, elros’ work is not just “art” but GOOD art. In a brief period, Oyster Bay has gone from being a place begging for artists to show works to a place where artists WANT to be. I tell you that not as a way to make my hat size larger but instead to reinforce the message that this place is indeed special, a place where you can know that a visit to Oyster Bay is an opportunity to admire the highest quality SL-generated artwork that we can find. elros’ work is indeed good, and worthy of Seeker’s comments. And Oyster Bay is proud to bring you his work, just as we are proud to bring you ALL of the artists and pieces on display.

Next, Seeker’s blog entry was a shining example of one of the overarching visions for Oyster Bay – not to be a gallery as an end-all, be-all – but instead to act as a portal for the unitiated into the amazing world of Second Life art. Nearly every nameplate at Oyster Bay has a notecard with artist biographical information (some with commentary on the pieces on display); some offer landmarks to the artists’ personal galleries. If Oyster Bay can inspire you to explore deeper into an artists’ work, or investigate another few galleries’ offerings…then it’s performing one of its key goals.

Lastly, elros is a great guy with a passion for the visceral, emotional experiences of life – virtual and otherwise. I strongly encourage everyone to look him up and talk to him about his art. If you’re lucky enough to get on his friends list, you’ll get a wonderful surprise from elros every day. Suffice it to say that there’s much more to elros than just sculptures!

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