Great new Cheen Pitney show @ Lauk’s Nest

Cheen Pitney and Lauk’s Nest host Lukas Mensing have an artistic coup on their hands – a show featuring a ton of Cheen’s latest works! Here’s an example:

There is the occasional classic Pitney piece mixed in – I recall seeing the Lipanzer horse that Cheen displayed at Oyster Bay’s grand opening – but the vast majority is Cheen’s private commissioned work…which makes this show even more impressive. The eagle pictured above…a stock market bull…the Statue of Justice….and MUCH more.  Simply put, Mensing and Pitney have one amazing collection of work on their hands.

And then there’s Lauk’s Nest. Take the art out of the place and you still have one of the most lush, beautiful locations in Second Life. Originally created by Laukosargas Svarog, this site is now maintained by Mensing, who has chosen to emphasize art within the gorgeous surroundings. Svarog made a unique ecosystem, with plants, animal life and more. The textures are lavish and perfectly match the scene. Second Life builders should aspire to make places so well done.

Every reader should take in the majesty of Lauk’s Nest (one of Philip Rosedale’s favorite places in SL) and see what Cheen has been up to recently. It’s time very well spent!

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