What’s on deck?

Back to Oyster Bay….

I’ve been asked what is next up at Oyster Bay after the Madcow Cosmos show. First, I think it’s important to recognize that each show is its own creature (or in the case of Madcows, creatures!). One show doesn’t necessarily build upon another, but instead needs to be taken as its own intense investigation of the work of a given artist.

So it’s with more than a little excitement that I announce that Second Life’s Finny Yates will be showing Oyster Bay’s first-ever exhibition of “flat” art images in our main gallery space.

Finny’s work, as you can see from the piece pictured in this post, is quite distinctive – made even moreso when the viewer learns that the pieces on display are actually Second Life avatar photos morphed through deft use of Corel’s Painter 8.0 software into beautiful abstract textures. Finny promises a host of examples of this “avatar texture” style, complete with original photos of the avatars as well as intermediate renderings so the viewer can better appreciate the transformations. This is some very impressive work.

Some may ask, why is a sculpture facility getting into “flat” artwork? The answer is simple – We’ve never shied away from it at Oyster Bay, but we’ve never made it our centerpiece either. A stroll through our Cafe shows works for sale by Marisela Bouchard, Isolde Flamand and DJ Doubledown Tandino. And our Market is a mini-gallery to itself, with works by Alberto Solomon, Daedelus Young, AutoPilotPatty Poppy, Gracie Kendal and (yes) Finny Yates.

Finny’s work however, represents that which I hope to best promote in Second Life – that of works using Second Life as a medium. Starting with images from Second Life, Finny massages the works in ways that we could not have otherwise conceived – just as SL sculptors work with prims, scripts and textures to achieve beautiful results. That, in its essence, is what Second Arts and Oyster Bay is really about…using Second Life as the medium to create great works. Expect much more sculpture work, but don’t be surprised to see SL photography or other SL-inspired art at Oyster Bay.

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