Madcow Cosmos – The Dance Party Platforms

Monday saw what Madcow referred to as his “encore performance” – a series of dance platforms for a one-of-a-kind dance party that was held at Oyster Bay.  These platforms dotted the sky across Oyster Bay.  In a stroke of genius, he drew upon his array of artistic styles to give us a variety of experiences.

First, the basic air balloon platform:

Madcow Cosmos - Air Balloon Platform

Then a piece he called “Cancer’s Revenge”:

Madcow Cosmos - Cancer’s Revenge

A steampunk fish platform:

Madcow Cosmos - Fish Platform

The Skeletal Grip:

Madcow Cosmos - Skeletal Grip

His Spider Riser:

Madcow Cosmos - Spider Riser

A close-up of the Spider Riser:

Madcow Cosmos - Spider Riser closeup

One of my favorites, the Iron’s Grip:

Madcow Cosmos - Iron’s Grip

…and a closeup of the detail on this piece:

Madcow Cosmos - Iron’s Grip Closeup

The FlutterMouse platform:

Madcow Cosmos - FlutterMouse Platform

The Microscopic Platform:

Madcow Cosmos - Microscopic Platform

The Watching Engine Platform:

Madcow Cosmos - Watching Engine platform

His Wine on the Wing platform (yeah, you dance IN the glass!):

Madcow Cosmos - Wine on the Wing

As an example, here I was inside the glass….giving you an idea of the fun to come!

Dancing on the Spider Riser

One Response

  1. Heh, if you look closely at ‘Cancer’s Revenge’, you see what the revenge is: he is holding a huge lens inbetween the sun and earth, thus focusing the sunbeams on our planet.

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