Madcow Cosmos Day 12: The Robots

RL circumstances and then preparation for the Madcow Cosmos Dance Party forced the last three days of blog entries PAST the closing of the Madcow show, but I feel like they still need to go up for historical record about Oyster Bay (such as the impermanence of a WordPress blog is….let’s hope Google caches it for eternity!).

Madcow used Day 12 to show off his robot work – which I believe he described as steampunk meets The Jetsons.  Perhaps because it is so unique in his inventory when looking at the skeletons and steampunk, but the robots – like the insects – are a source of wonder.  Not to mention a great reason why a guy like Madcow needs 14 different “mini-shows” to get that deep into the inventory.

He rezzed 2 pieces, a robot dinosaur (shades of the steampunk dino from earlier) and a robot house:

A closeup, with me standing on it to give a sense of size:

The robot dragon head:

And then the robot house – 2 levels!

Exterior from the other side:

Me on the lower level:

Here’s the view of upstairs:

The steps to the left led down to this “tail”:

Here’s Madcow on the day’s offerings:

These pieces are both me branching out a bit in style going for a bit more of a mechanized look, it one case more serious or at least a little less cartoonly and in the other going for the 50 Jetsonesque style.  The house actually has more robotic funishings but as per ussual I’ve eaten up every prim in sight.  I like to try slightly different styles now and again to learn new things hone my skills and expand my own artistic abilities in this already amazingly unlimited world.  The house in particular I like as the touches of humor along with the the fact it looks about as cozy as a steel cage really amuse me.  The dragon is one of tow fully robotic drgaons I did and I really enjoyed the learning experience it provided, I think it help a lot with some of my later steam punk pieces.  So if your ever stuck in a rut go ahead and do something silly and fun, you might surprise yourself with the results

I hope a chapter is not ending

I read with more than a little interest the Second Life Herald article about Sun Microsystems’ efforts in Second Life.  Going deeper into the interview with avi Guy Trenchard, however, I saw this:

Guy Trenchard: well for a long time SL has been dominated by the creative types
Guy Trenchard: left us engineer’s behind
Guy Trenchard: but i am starting to see limitations that really need to be worked on.
JayR Cela: such as?
Guy Trenchard: you go to the Charles Schwab building…
Guy Trenchard: and there is a screen that has real time ticker just like on Blomberg
Guy Trenchard: or CNBC
Guy Trenchard: that requires API’s to get LSL to interface with oracle and SAP.. and the like
JayR Cela: well Linden Script is very limited in its scope beyond creativity
Guy Trenchard: right.. but it will get there
Guy Trenchard: once the demand is there
Guy Trenchard: very few screaming for it now

Let it be known, I’m not anti-big business.  I am, however, pro-creativity.  When a big business employee like Trenchard says that…and knowing that Linden is much more likely to listen to Oyster Bay and its comparatively small cadre of artists…well, I get a glimpse of what the future of Second Life could be.  And it doesn’t look to be half as much fun.