Madcow Cosmos Day 10: The World Wyrm appears!

In response to a request from ArtWorld Market, who was conducting a RL (real life) seminar in New York City on SL artwork, Madcow moved his signature piece – the World Wyrm – up from Day 14 to Day 10.  The piece is just stunning, and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves before passing along Madcow’s insights:

Seeing those photos, you can better appreciate these comments from the artist:

The world wyrm will always be what I consider my masterpiece.  When I say masterpiece I mean it in the older sense of the word where before one could be considered a master of a trade they needed to produce a piece to prove it.  This was the first piece I did that I was totally satisfied with.  He combines several elements near and dear to my heart.  First off is the mythical refrence to a serpent or dragon wrapped around the world with his tail in his mouth he was inspired by it and by its relation to the concept of rebirth and cycles.  Secondly is the detail work which is one of the signatures of my work, (about 1033 in this case though the eggs eat up a little over a third of that) some call it tedious I find it meditative.  Finally I find this piece purely beautiful in a way that eludes some of my other pieces regardless of how impressive they are in scale or fun.  I encourage you to make your own conclusion about the piece, I have a couple different ways I like to interpret it.

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