Catching up with Madcow, Day 9

OK, OK, I’m catching up again.  Sigh.  On the bright side, I am keeping up with the photos, which I will gladly share with you.

Madcow’s theme on Day 9 was “Under the Sea.”  And, for those who showed up in scuba gear, I apologize for the inconvenience.  (The show was up in the main gallery.  But there’s always next time!)  Regardless of how you dressed, you saw one incredible display of marine and aquatic building by our man Madcow.

Let’s start with the basics, a 189-prim jumbo shrimp (with a saddle!):

Next up, the 150-prim hermit chariot.  What a great use of the streetlamp for an additional touch of whimsy:

Looking down from above was this mild-mannered (!) seas scorpion:

But how do you get around in the water to see these sights?  A hermit chariot is a fine idea, but hermit crabs just aren’t the swiftest.  Fear not, as Madcow Cosmos has already pimped out a couple rides for you, the Sea Carriage (315 prims) and the Lobster Wagon (253):

I was really taken with the sea carriage, so here are a couple extra shots for your viewing pleasure:

As for Madcow’s perspective on today’s show, read on:

Under the sea!

Segmented bodies are one of the easiest things to build with the SL building tools, as such I cant resist knocking a couple out when I am feeling creative but too sleepy to consentrate.  I really enjoy the curves present on the undersea life and the torus is easily the most noble of the prims.  The most colorful piece is called Sea Carriage it has uncharacteristically good texturing for me I feel, as most of my textures are done more as a second thought because I build in most details in prim form.  It was made when I was in a particularly happy mood and I hope that shows through on it a bit.  The Hermit Chariot is another farily cheerfull piece, I always imagine its lantern glowing brightly as it makes it way along coral lanes (its lantern does actually glow of course).  The Next two are the rideing prawn (never enough prawn in SL) and the lobster wagon.  Both were done as part of a undersea ranch theme as I can’t resist occasionaly mixing unlikely generes in a random fashion.  It you want to know what the wagon is hauling is just rocks, its a rock lobster probably.  The final one draws back to some earlier oceans it was done entirely for foggy memory so its an impression of a sea scropion rather than the thing itself.  I really enjoy prehistoric creatures many of them have a disticntcly unlikely look to me.  As I write this someone just shouted I should make a trilobyte which will certainly make it into my idea list for future builds.  So from the deck of the Calipso I bid you fairwell for tonight, hope you enjoy the art.

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