Up to date with Madcow Cosmos (Day 8)

Finally, having plowed through the Snapzilla pics and gotten myself organized, we’re now current with Madcow.  Today is high-prim, high detail work…but not the gargantuan works like the steampunk behemoths.

As evidence, this is the largest piece – a skeleton-insect conflict…a large piece to be sure, but an impressive concentration of prims for its 700+ prims:

His 50+ prim heart, all boxed up:

Lastly, my favorite piece of the day, the 250+ prim “Fetters” box.  Such detail:

And, of course, here’s Madcow’s comments:

Todays pieces are unified in the fact that a consider them more classically “artistic” in the thought process behind them.   These pieces are designed with a clear thought or message I want to express when they are finished.  I am particularly tired tonight so bare with my typos if you will.

The largest on is called Small Fights.  Humans are continually writing stories about epic heroes and larger than life events.  Dramas playing out on the scale of gods.  While we do this the world around us and beneath our notice plays out its own wars, struggles, and dramas as great as any of our writing.  So while we tell our tales and get worked up about bad hair days the worlds vast majority of smaller creatures play out very real life and death struggles,  in our back yards, our trash cans, and almost always below our notice.

The very primmy puzzle box is titled fetters.  The concept behind it is simple, a beautiful box with golden chain holds in some unseen content that looks like if it where to abandon the box it could escape.  The box of course are all those beautifull fetters, seductive things that keep you down.  The piece is a question to the viewer, asking what those are and if the viewer can escape them. Also it glows in the dark, how cool is that?

The final one is from a series of valentines day sculptures I did.  People always talk about giving their hearts away and this piece take it seriously.  I like the contrast of higher concepts like love and devotion versus the frail and tempary flesh.  Love might be eternal but our hearts have only so many beats in them, we are short lived and creatures made of pumps and protien factories.

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