Oyster Bay participates in Corsa guide project

In case you wonder what the kiosk out front is (will show tomorrow afternoon), here’s a description of the project from 3pointD:

The Corsa Guide site for SL provides a fairly long list of locations (”as diverse as wonderful water parks, awesome fantasy gardens and crazy nightclubs where anything is possible”), complete with teleport links. SL members can visit the locations and vote on them using Corsa kiosks located there. The top ten results will be “unveiled” (in what form the press release doesn’t say) in Mid-June as the Corsa Guide to Getting a (Second) Life.

As corporate promotions go, this one is fairly innocuous and appears to promote user innovation and creativity, which I like. It will be interesting to see how it goes….

[UPDATE: Here’s the SLNN post on the project.]

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