Madcow on his housing builds

From a notecard at Oyster Bay:

I’m no engineer, I am not an master of floorplans, and I am not the  person you want to build your house if you want to actually move around in it or use it.  I build art houses because SL is a place where you don’t really need to live in a house anyways and it helps me reach my goal of encouragign people to play around on my creations.  These objects are art first and such petty concernes as function a distant thrid (don’t ask me what second is).  The largest one I call Cart of Doom.  The idea is a house that is actually a house , or at least a fortress, but put in a very different and fantastic context which helps taking it out of its element.  The next two, the Alarming house and the Wine House, are based on taking everyday objects and turning them into homes.  Kind of like some strange functional still life.  Its nice when you can turn an everyday object on its head.   The final one is a steam punk version of a fictional house Baba Yaga’s Hut.  It’s nice to occasionally borrow from others peoples imagination and give it a flar of my own.  I decided I was in the mood for a bit of a steam punk build and just went for it.  So the next time you are thinking of a house, remember there are peole in SL who really design houses, but consider putting one of mine out on the lawn.

Indeed I may, Madcow.

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