Under the hood at Linden Labs

If you want to try to comprehend the global issues around Second Life and Linden Labs, check out this fantastic blog entry.   It’s one person’s opinion and analysis, but it jives with what I’m reading on the blogs and hearing in-world.

Of particular interest to me are the comments on “sculpties” (hate that term), or sculpted prims, and scalability.  I’ve been saying since the moment I saw the announcement on sculpted prims that a whole new class of “knowledge worker” had been created to join the scripters, animators and builders.  Gynneth essentially says the same thing, but explains the ramifications better than me.

On scability, it’s abundantly clear that SL’s growth has outpaced its capacity.  The “game” wasn’t designed for the problems that it is experiencing.  Again, Gwyn’s got better insights than I do.

A very good post, one that everyone should read.   I’m still quite torn on her perspective on the Project Open Letter, though.  It’s one thing to be a Luddite, but another altogether to demand a baseline stability to the grid.

Blog love for Madcow Cosmos

Thanks for Rik Riel for helping tell the world about the Madcow Cosmos “14 Days, 14 Sculptures” show.  The photo of the dragon bones was especially good, too!

Whoa nelly…

Linden Labs addresses “Accusations Regarding Child Pornography in Second Life.”

Methinks that Linden’s hands-off approach to Second Life resident behavior has them in a pickle.  Their recent actions have clearly demonstrated that they want out of the people side of the business – only to focus on the technical side of the shop.  (Witness their shutting down the in-world liaison service as well as Cory Linden’s town hall meeting, which by all accounts did not go well.)

Problem is, Linden still has responsibility for Second Life and what goes on inside it.  Hence the allegations of ageplay gone amok.  (I won’t even begin to address ageplay – ick)  While Linden wants to wash its hands of the actions and activities inside its virtual world, it can’t.   And governments around the world won’t let it.

I often wonder if Rosedale & co. really appreciated  the can of worms that they opened when they started Second Life.  Some cross-disciplinary law-economics-political science-sociology-anthropology student is going to have one incredible senior thesis.  Let’s just hope that the thesis is about a work in progress, and not a historical retrospective.

Madcow Cosmos: Day 4


Madcow Day 4

“14 Days, 14 Sculptures” takes an insect-like turn today as Madcow Cosmos rezzed 4 giant insects at Oyster Bay! With a giant “Manti-Dragon” (only 267 prims) and a massive “Riding Spider” (230 prims) hanging overhead, the smaller insect bot (437 prims) and mantis (163 prims) that sit in the upper gallery must feel safe. Again, incredible work with a stunning attention to detail. Come see for yourself!

[UPDATE] Here’s Madcow’s interpretation of the pieces:

Not so itsy bitsy spiders

The large pieces I have out today share not only the common theme of insects but both have areas on them to sit and gaze out over your domain or do mighty oversized monster battle from.  The reason for this is simple, I want people to play on them.  Though looking and enjoying is nice, I like it when I make things people can play with.  When I sell them they are always modifiable for the same reason.  I’m done with it, its time for someone else to get to play and enjoy it.  Every now and again I like to set them up in sandboxes so it looks like they are fighting.  This helps realize one of my life long dreams of making all men equal by allowing them to do battle attop giant monsters.  (Note to self don’t write these things when I am half awake).

Our exoskeletoned friends are a fun subject to work with in second life.  The building tools lend themselves really well to segmented bodies so they fly together with little hassle or fuss making them a fun project for sleepy minds.  I enjoy the insect world for several reasons.  One is that they are the closest thing to something really allien among life on earth.  The other is that the segmented majority here on earth have their own epic struggles and high speed chases millions of times a day without us ever much noticing.