Madcow Cosmos: 14 Days, 14 Sculptures show

Perhaps one of Second Life’s most unappreciated masters is Madcow Cosmos. Madcow, you see, doesn’t really think small. He rarely builds a piece under 100 prims, and generally in excess of 500 prims. Some even approach 1000. Madcow doesn’t own land in SL, so he builds in sandboxes and rarely has time to display his works. Here’s Madcow in one of his MANY avatars – clearly not your average SL character:

Thanks to a lucky break, I picked up a prim farm in Oyster and found myself flush with prims right before the Oyster Bay spring show. This translated into an incredible 3-level Sabine Stonebender show for 2 weeks, followed by Madcow’s “14 Days, 14 Sculptures.”

Because of the size of the pieces, Madcow can only rez one or 2 at a time. His solution: Use his 1000 prims to display a different piece (or set) every day! Here’s a synopsis thus far:

Day 1 was a “bones” combination of Moby Dick and an evidently unhappy Captain Ahab, as well as an oversized Atlas carrying an earth that you could fly into. (I’m working on getting photos up for that….a little slow out of the gate…)

Day 2 was a 920 prim, 100m tall steampunk robot dinosaur (thanks to Torley Linden for the Snapzilla post!):

Torley clearly was taken with the display, as he (she?) posted a fun artistic interpretation of the above picture on the Torley Lives blog.

Special mention needs to go to Joeru Pugilist, who posted this fantastic blog entry on Day 2.

Day 3 returns the bones to Oyster Bay, this time in the form of dragons. This one was perched above:Madcow Day 3

And this one lurked below:

Madcow Day 3a

Perhaps the most rewarding part of this show is that people are really taking to it. Perhaps it’s the fantastic designs, perhaps it’s the amazing sizes – but people are coming over to check out some AMAZING SL artistic work. And that, as Martha would say, is a “good thing.”

11 more displays to go! What’s coming next – I have no idea…!

3 Responses

  1. I think one of the reasons that Madcow’s stuff IS so appealing is the size. Rarely do we see really big pieces like this in the world of SL, simply because of rez times and the like. So to see someone work in such a genre is a rare treat – especially when the work is done so well. Thanks, Morris, for putting this show on, and thanks Madcow for all the hard work!

  2. Morris, I’d like to say thanx for letting me know about the lively Oyster Bay exhibition; I’ve enjoyed visiting before and checking out the arts, and of course, to highlight Madcow’s unique (to say the least) creations is a veritable joy. Thanks for noticing my artistic treatment via my blog too, yes, I definitely felt inspired. It was this vision of a big steampunk dragon thing, bipedal, espousing making the extraordinary come true here in Second Life!

  3. […] And finally, the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen in an art style I didn’t know much about before, called steampunk. Each sculpture is designed with around 500 prims and requires a lot of camera work and flying around to appreciate the sheer magnitude of it. (More about Madcow Cosmos, the artist, here) […]

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